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Galician Style Shank of Veal
(Jarrete de ternera galega)

icono Serves 4 | icono Medium difficulty | icono Time: 75 minutes

Galician Style Shank of Veal


To prepare this dish, it is important to buy good quality meat. Shank is very juicy cut of meat, with abundant gelatin that when appropriately cooked, you will be able to cut through like butter and it will melt in your mouth. This cut of meat is the equivalent of the calf, and when it is cut with the bone, it is often called “ossobuco”.

This is a classic dish of Galician cuisine, and it is typically cooked as a stew or casserole. It is perfect for a festive or Sunday family meal, and it tastes better if you can cook it the night before.

Directions to prepare the veal shank Galician style:

  1. In a mortar, add the garlic, thyme, parsley and a tablespoon of water. Crush until you have a paste.
  2. An hour before cooking, rub the garlic paste on the meat, and add salt and pepper to taste. Allow the meat to soak up all the flavors from the paste.
  3. In a large pot or pan, add the olive oil, heat, and add the meat. Cook the meat to seal it until it is brown, and it starts to release part of its juices. Remove and set aside.
  4. Julienne the onions and the pepper. Sauté the onion and pepper over low heat for about 10 minutes is the same pan you have used to cook the meat.
  5. When the mixture is golden brown, add the meat back and the sherry. Add one bay leaf and salt and pepper if necessary. Simmer for about 10-15 minutes until the sauce cooks down slightly.
  6. Peel the potatoes and carrots. Dice the potatoes making sure when you cut them you “rip” the last bit, so the starch is released better into the sauce. Thinly slice the carrots.
  7. Add the potatoes, carrots, peas and chili to the pot. Cover the ingredients with the beef stock. You can cook this dish 2 different ways: on the stovetop over low heat for about an hour until the meat is tender, or in the pressure cooker for about 18 minutes (don’t forget to wait until it cools down before opening the pressure cooker). If you cook it the day before, all you have to do before serving is warm it up over low heat stirring so it doesn’t stick.
  8. Serve hot with a slice of bread, the sauce is spectacular!

I hope you like it and try to make it. Another Galician recipe.

Recommended wines:

This recipe deserves a good Galician wine, I recommend you two Mencías (red wines).


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